paris - taken from the surface
12:30 min, b/w, digi beta, DV, stereo sound, 2008
sound by FRANZKA

A slow motion pad saw and a screwdriver unfold the acoustic background for a meditative view at the capital of France. Solid architectures appear as evanescent mist. Time and matter mess up esthetically. The indicated space contains enough clearance to appeal the spectator’s additional invention.

“Paris - taken from the surface is probably the darkest city-portrait I ever did. Right at the border between documentary and imagination, authenticity and digital manipulation the work's aesthetic –although it is completely based on mini-DV-recordings with a consumer camera– sometimes resembles almost a computer animation. In many senses it questions the stability of matter, the dreamy order of things. Nevertheless one might also propose it as an allegory for questioning the consistence of human ideals and some contemporary geopolitical hints.”

stephana schmidt, 07-08

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