Jerusalem – taken from the surface
21:21 min, HD Blue Ray 24 p /Digi Beta 25 p /HDV 25 p
16:9, PAL/NTSC, color, stereo, 2009
video by SSMIDD

Jerusalem – taken from the surface has been arranged into 3 parts. >The Past<, >The Present< and >Vision< display allegories, each of them documentary–matter-of-fact tempered, as well as experimental–fantastic. >The Present< and >Vision< are being separated by a mute >Intermezzo<.

“The method of allegory is already intrinsic to the concept of the VIDEOSURFACE-project. Yet here, in Jerusalem – taken from the surface the symbolic interplay between the heterotopy Jerusalem and all of its kaleidoscopic reflections gain an exclusive renaissance. We are caught up in an interplay of dream, commemoration, matter, presence and absence, aspiration, confidence, religion and the imminence of war.” – SSMIDD°09