BBW – taken from the surface, color, DV,
stereo, 2008, 06:06 min,
video by STEPHANA aka. SSMIDD

“KZ Buchenwald, situated in a small village near Weimar, Thüringen was co-authoring one of the darkest chapters of the known human history. It is said that the NS-administration of this institution is responsible for the killing of around 56.000 human beings.
In 2008, after a period of 4 Years being away from Weimar (where I was studying at the Bauhaus-University), I was invited to show the recent work of the VIDEOSURFACE-project at the Backup-Festival. During the 4 days stay I was offered a bike to move around the city. I knew that when I would come back to Weimar I would also have to visit the Buchenwald Memorial, to confront the inapprehensible again.
It is a blue day of sun as I come up the road to the mountain. Short while before the road would lead me left to Buchenwald Memorial I discover an abandoned barrack at the right hand of the road. I park my bike to explore the area. Likely the building had been in charge of the NVA or by the Russian army during times of the allied occupation. As I go inside I know I have discovered the perfect backdrop to visualize an interstage between past and present, fiction and authenticity, as well as suppression and rehabilitation.”   SSMIDD

“The camera is scanning rooms and handles them like witnesses of the past. The euphemized agony, shining through the shadows and blotty textures, is creating a trans-vision between the visual absence and the unbroken presence of the history.”
Esor Saibot, Aug 04, 2008